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Fred Major

How to write a CV Examples

April 18 2017, 16:57pm

Posted by Fred Major

This article represents a fast way to get your CV done. You don't want to spend hours and hours coming up with the perfect CV. Instead, you should simply cheat by copying at a CV template that already works. Copy its structure. You will have a full CV by doing half the work.

Here's a sample CV. It will serve you as a model.

John Guy



street David James, no. 12

Chicago US


I'm working day and night at becoming one of the best in my field. I take pride in my work and my accomplishments. I would like to find a company that has clear objectives and well developed strategies. I like a fast paced environment. I prefer working with people who are self motivated like myself.

Professional Experience

Summer 2005:

I worked at the David's main restaurant in Chicago. I helped change the way the magazine ran. I helped increase its revenues by 20% in less than 2 months. It was my first work experience and it taught me a lot of things. I learned how to work in team, how to serve food and how to talk with the customers.

September 2005 - Now

I'm working for the best Italian restaurant in Chicago: Magnifico. I'm working at helping Magnifico grow with each day. It's a challenge for me and it helps me bring out the best to the table. My position is as a manager and I enjoy my job.


1997- July 2001

English French High School in Chicago

2001- July 2005

Business and Management University In Chicago


Best restaurant manager in Chicago chosen by Chicago Television - June 2003

Sexiest Restaurant Manager - Maxim July 2004

Language Skills:

It's really important if you can speak with your customers in their native tongue. They will be deeply impressed by it. They will come more often as a result.

1. Italian - mother tongue

Writing: advanced

Reading: advanced

Speaking: advanced

1. English - first language

Writing: advanced

Reading: advanced

Speaking: advanced

1. French - second language

Writing: advanced

Reading: advanced

Speaking: advanced

1. Indian - third language

Writing: advanced

Reading: advanced

Speaking: intermediate

Computer skills

I'm comfortable using a computer for: browsing the Internet, checking and responding to email, checking my bank account. I'm proficient at using Microsoft's productivity suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access).

I also own an Iphone. I'm able to use to communicate with customers. I also know how to install useful applications for work.


In my spare time, I like to go kayaking, hiking, playing football, tennis and more. I also enjoy spending time with children and helping them with their homework. I'm a devoted family guy.


Tom Allen

CEO at Magnifico Restaurant, Chicago

Tel: 54789 123578


John Gates

CEO at Domino Restaurant, Chicago

Tel: 02144 256478


The above how to write a CV Example represent a good start to help you write your own CV. Copy its structure. The structure is represented by its sections. The above sections are full name and contact information, profile, professional experience, education, awards, language skills, computer skills, hobbies and referees.


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